The Aloe Farm

Welcome to South Africa's most iconic destination garden centre.

Welcome to The Aloe Farm, where stunning gardens and an extensive collection of unique plants, particularly aloes, are showcased and available for purchase. Our enchanting farm has become a sought-after spot for both plant and garden enthusiasts, drawing visitors from near and far. Nestled conveniently along the bustling R104 road in the Hartebeespoortdam area near Pretoria, South Africa, it’s a haven for avid bird photographers as well.

Originally acquired and thoughtfully named by Andy de Wet of CND Nursery, The Aloe Farm has seamlessly evolved into an ideal growing space for us. Boasting excellent water resources and a frost-free climate, it provides the perfect conditions for cultivating a diverse array of plants.

Explore our collection and bring your dream garden to life by shopping now.

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