The Aloe Farm

The Plant People

Andy de Wet


Andy is the founder and owner of the De Wet group. He is a qualified botanist and the driving force in all three divisions. Always passionate, Andy started breeding aloes in 1973. Starting De Wet Water Features in 1984 he steadily evolved the business into becoming the internationally recognized horticultural force it is today

Quinton Bean

Plant Breeding Manager

Quinton Bean is a knowledgeable and widely respected plantsman who joined CND Nursery to in 2005.

Together with Andy de Wet, they started De Wet Plant Breeders which specialises in developing new and exciting plant varieties for the local and international market. Quinton’s technical expertise on all things horticulture adds enormous value to the organisation and customers alike

Adrienne de Wet

Admin Manager

Adrienne de Wet is the silent force in the office, managing the administrative and financial aspects of the business. She is also involved in many of the day to day functions and decision making.

Bruce Mthethwa

Aloe Farm Supervisor

Bruce is The ALOE FARM’S retail manager and assistant farm manager, second to Lassy Makubela. He takes responsibility for orders and all general matters on the THE ALOE FARM.

Janine Ferreira

Janine is one of our newest members to join the CND family. Her knowledge and accounting background, combined with her pedantic nature , ensures perfect bookkeeping. If you have dealt with Janine, I’m sure you would agree!

Mark Richardson

General Manager

Mark Richardson is our general manager who joined his parents at CND Nursery in 2019 , completing the family business. Mark comes from a corporate background, bringing professional management and leadership to the organisation. Mark also controls all admin, communication and technology.

Lassy Makubela

Aloe Farm Manager

Lassy Makubela has been our Farm Manager at The ALOE FARM since 2008. Lassy’s incredible skills and attitude are largely responsible for the The ALOE FARM ’s success. This astute approach ensures that all of our small teams perform each complicated function with top precision at all times

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