De Wet Aloes

Aloes have largely been overlooked, yet they have enormous potential as garden plants.  Their ability to withstand dry conditions, appealing foliage and amazing diverse floral displays makes them exceptionally suitable in the modern horticultural scene that is always looking for something new. The original species are adapted to specific field conditions and are often not suitable as garden plants. The work De Wet has put into the improvement of the genus has resulted in the emergence of complex but amazing hybrids. Aloe Hedgehog was the pioneer of releases in South Africa and the most successful aloe so far. It has become a household name among local nurserymen and keen gardeners. The follow-ups, such as ‘Peri-Peri’, Charles, ‘Goldibells’ and Orange Delight, etc., are also fast becoming popular, with many more, very exciting new plants in the pipeline.

These new Aloes produced by De Wet Plant Breeders are selected from many calculated combinations for appealing appearance and suitability to general gardening conditions. They are drought resistant but are also well suited to irrigated landscape situations. The flowers of all aloes remain tender, but De Wet’s plants have been chosen for their cold tolerance and many of De Wet’s new varieties flower outside of the cold seasons. The De Wet aloe hybrids all have the wildlife benefits of conventional aloes, sustaining bees, butterflies and attracting nectar-feeding birds to your garden. All the Aloe hybrids and selections have been through strict trial and selection procedures for several years before their release or imminent release to prove their superior qualities. Having seen these varieties you can be safely assured that these are premium products. These Aloe hybrids and selections are more spectacular and flower much more profusely than species, and they have more vigor and are generally much easier to grow.