De Wet Plant Breeders

De Wet Plant Breeders was founded by Andy De Wet and is currently run by Andy and Quinton Bean. De Wet Plant Breeders specializes in developing horticulturally superior Aloes, Agapanthus and other varieties for the retail and landscape industries. De Wet Plant Breeders has a proven track record in South Africa where it has released varieties such as Aloe ‘Hedgehog’, Aloe ‘Peri-Peri’, Aloe ‘Charles’, Aloe ‘Tiger Eye’ and Agapanthus ‘Blue Ice’, Agapanthus ‘Twister’, and Agapanthus ‘Bingo Blue’. De Wet Plant Breeders varieties are becoming well known in the international market as well.

Andy De Wet
Andy obtained a masters degree in botany in 1980 but had already began pursuing his keen interest in plant breeding.
To date Andy has over 40 years experience in plant development and selection. Andy’s experience and vast collection of variable and high quality early selections form the basis of the De Wet Plant Breeders improvement activities.

Quinton Bean
Quinton is a respected and knowledgeable horticulturist who joined De Wet Plant Breeders in 2005 and has made a considerable contribution in a short space of time.
Quinton also has over 15 years experience in plant development and selection. His keen interest has led to the development of new directions in plant breeding programs, especially with the Agapanthus

Quinton Bean & Andy De Wet

Quinton Bean & Andy De Wet