The Aloe Farm

Many years ago a growing farm was found that suited CND Nursery Perfectly. It was ideally located on a busy road in Hartbeespoort, and had good water and a perfect frost-free climate for growing.

We then called this farm “The Aloe Farm”.

De Wet Plant Breeders would also be operating from their premises as we needed to establish extensive  gardens to display our aloes and other unique cultivars.

Lassy Makhubela was soon identified as the perfect farm manager. With our tight budget rudimentary facilities were established and we began growing and breeding.

After several years, and under the guidance of Andy De Wet and the efficient management of Lassy, The Aloe Farm created a highly productive team including Quinton Bean (Plant Breeding, Soil Mixes & Fertilization, and Pesticides) & Ronald Simma (Shop Manager, Scorpion, Repairs & Maintenance). We also have several teams headed by a dedicated professional team leader ensuring that the production runs smoothly and all plants are taken care of correctly.

The aloe gardens have now become a famous attraction in the Hartbeespoort area that draws in visitors from far and wide to admire the gardens, photograph the plants and birds, and to purchase cultivars for their gardens

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